Greetings and Thank You for your interest to participate and enroll in the Your Immunity Project community-based non-experimental observational surveys, regarding COVID-19.

You are invited to enroll and share your COVID-19 experience and self-assessment of any related observations to Your Immunity Project.
The process to enroll is simple, please review the Consent documents.
Once consent is given you will receive a return email with the link to download either the Android or Apple app to complete the survey questions.
It’s that simple to participate and get involved in an initiative to understand our COVID-19 experiences, symptoms, and alternative options for prevention.
Thank you.

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Community-Based Non-experimental, Correlational Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Paximune in Participants With and Without COVID-19 Infection (Testimonials only)

(Abdul Alim Muhammad M.D. & Your Immunity Project)

You are being asked to take part of a study which involves you providing a testimonial either in written, audio or video recordings format about your experience with Paximune use. Neither your name nor any other identifying information will be associated with the audio or audio recording or the transcript. Only the research team will be able to listen (view) the recordings.

Your written, audio or video recordings will be uploaded onto a clinical trial database and analyzed. Transcripts of your recording or written testimonials may be reproduced in whole or in part for use in presentations or written products that result from this study. By signing this consent form, I am allowing the researcher to listen and transcribe my audio or video recordings to be a part of this research. Also, by signing this form, you authorize the use and disclosure of the following information for this research: I authorize the use of my recordings and testimonial during the course of this study for education, publication and/or presentation.

I understand that I will be given a copy of this signed Consent Form.

Important Information:

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If you cannot find this email >within a few minutes of enrolling, please check your spam folder.